Catastrophic Injuries in Atlanta Workers’ Compensation

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Catastrophic Injuries in Atlanta Workers’ Compensation

Beth Gearhart Discussing Catastrophic Injuries
Beth Gearhart Discussing Catastrophic Injuries

Beth Gearhart appeared on the Atlanta Legal Experts radio broadcast roundtable program podcast to discuss Catastrophic Injuries in Atlanta Workers’ Compensation.  She discussed the different tips and lists several approaches for injured workers in Atlanta.  Currently, this is a hot topic in the workers’ compensation community.  As a result, Beth highlighted the key issues facing catastrophic claims and different approaches to these cases in Atlanta.  For catastrophic injuries information, this is a critical podcast.

Catastrophic Injuries in Atlanta Workers’ Compensation

Catastrophic designated claims include permanent disability ratings in Atlanta.  However, several factors determine claim categorizations.  Beth outlines how Georgia workers’ compensation approaches this challenging area of the law.  Don’t delay, listen right now, and learn can educate yourself


to maximize your claim settlement amount.  Finally, Beth Gearhart is Georgia’s best workers’ compensation attorney, so use this opportunity to hear directly from an expert in workers’ compensation law in Atlanta.

If you have been injured, you need to listen to this podcast to get the insider insight into claims and settlements. Click for podcast audio here

Beth Gearhart – Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Beth Gearhart is one of the of the best worker’s compensation attorneys in Georgia.  So, if you have catastrophic injuries, contact Beth Gearhart at (404) 445-8370 to learn the tips and tactics required to get your max settlement.  Beth listens and cares about her clients, so call today!

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