Common Back Injuries in Workers’ Compensation

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Common Back Injuries in Workers’ Compensation

The back contains various structures such as bones, muscles and supporting tissues. The spine or vertebral column is the most important part of our body.  Any injury can seriously affect your normal functioning.  Some commonly occurring back injuries are strains, fractures, disc slip/herniations, tears, and bulging discs.  These are all common in what is sometimes still referred to as workman’s comp attorney practice.  You can refer to the work comp lawyers as work comp attorneys, workers comp attorneys, workman’s comp attorneys, or workmen’s comp lawyers.  It makes no difference to Gearhart Law Group, we are here to represent your rights as an injured worker.  It is important to get proper treatment because back injuries can lead to depression.

Common Back Injuries

Disc Bulge

Disk Bulge is the protrusion of intervertebral disc. The disc has two main parts. The outer part is a tough fibrous structure called Annulus, and the inner part is a soft gel-like Nucleus Pulposus. Bulging occurs when the whole disc is protruded outside without any tear or injury to the disc itself. This bulge can pinch the surrounding nerves, leading to the sensation of pain.

Annular Tear

The damage to the outer fibrous structure of the intervertebral disc can cause a tear, which is called Annular tear. This mostly occurs in the lumbar region (lower back) and can lead to disc herniation causing intense pain in the lower back. An annular tear is caused by strain due to any sudden impact or the injury commonly in elderly people. In old age, the tissues start to degenerate, and tears can occur, even with a movement. Initial symptoms are a pain in the leg and in a severe case of injury pain in the back. Pain may increase with activities that exert pressure such as bending and coughing etc.

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Workers’ Compensation Back Injury Attorney

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