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There are many jobs in the state of Georgia that require some type of lifting. It may be that you occasionally have to lift something heavy, or repeatedly lift smaller or lighter objects. There may come a time when you suffer an injury due to the strain of the motion or because of the type of objects that need to be moved.

What Are the Most Common Lifting Injuries in Georgia Workplaces?

Some of the most common lifting injuries in Georgia workplaces include, but aren’t limited to:

Muscle Strains

Muscle strains, tears, or pulls, refer to the damage to a muscle or the tendons attached to it. If you lift objects at work, you can put undue pressure on your muscles which can damage them. The symptoms of muscle strain can include:

  • Pain while you’re resting
  • Redness, bruising, swelling due to your injury
  • Weakness of the tendons or muscle
  • Pain while using a specific muscle or joint pain while being used
  • Inability to use the muscle at all

Nerve Damage or Injury

When your bone, muscles, cartilage or tendons are subjected to excess pressure or compression, your nerves can become compressed. Long term nerve compression or pressure for any reason can cause nerve damage. An untreated nerve injury can lead to long-term or chronic nerve damage – although if you receive proper medical treatment, you nerve injury may be able to be treated.


Acute back pain can be caused by damage to your muscles or ligaments in your back. Backaches and back pain are one of the most common workplace injuries.

Neck Injuries

Depending on the type of neck injury you suffer on the job, you can suffer from neck pain, headache, numbness in your legs and arms, shoulder aches, etc.

  • Disk injury in your neck can be caused by heavy lifting in areas where there is damage to your vertebral disk that may result in the nerves in your neck to become irritated and could lead to pain that can travel from your neck to your legs.
  • A pinched nerve injury in your neck can also be caused due to heavy lifting as part of your job. This can produce a sharp shooting sensation in your neck and arms.

Leg/Arm Injuries

Injuries due to heavy lifting can also occur to your arms and legs. You may suffer a SLAP tear, Achilles tendon, Patellar tendonitis, or IT band syndrome just to name a few.

How Can a Georgia Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Help Me?

All of the above injuries can occur at your Georgia workplace due to lifting heavy objects or lifting lighter things on a routine basis. If you or a loved one have suffered any lifting injuries at your workplace, then you need to talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer in order to gain all the compensation you may deserve.

Until you report your lifting accident at your Georgia place of employment or filled out the workers’ compensation claim form and given it to your employer, your employer is under no obligation to provide you with compensation benefits.

The experienced workers’ compensation lawyers at the Gearhart Law Group can assist you in evaluating your individual case, how to file a claim, and how you can get the best compensation benefits available to you for your loss.


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