Should I Get a Work Comp Lawyer in Georgia?

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lawyerShould I get a work comp lawyer in Georgia?

If so, when should I get one?  It’s a question we hear often. The answer I’ve come to after many years of practice is: get a lawyer as quickly as you can but after you have done proper research.

Hire a Lawyer Now or Later?

Many people don’t want to get a work comp lawyer right away for fear of upsetting or offending their employer. Or they believe that the employer will “do what is right” and “take care of them.” Sometimes it starts out that way and then things take a downward turn later. Sometimes things just start of completely wrong, with the injured worker being fired and denied medical treatment. Other times things go smoothly but, unfortunately, that is not the norm.


Workers’ Compensation Considerations

The consequences for not seeking counsel early on with your claim can be significant. Picking a good doctor is key and oftentimes injured workers do not know they have the right to pick from what is known as a Panel of Physicians. If that Panel is not valid, they can seek treatment with a doctor of their choosing. Once an injured worker heads down the path of treatment with a bad doctor, it is hard to undo the damage to the case and your health.

I’m not suggesting you need to hire me. Do your research. Call around. Ask for recommendations. See who you ‘click’ with not who guarantees you the most money (no one can guarantee you anything in workers’ comp, so if they do, my advice is to RUN!) Just hire someone….quickly!

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